A Rich History


In 1940 the American Tank and Fabricating Company got its start as a steel service provider. Known today as AT&F, we are a premier provider of custom steel fabrications and custom steel manufacturing solutions to heavy industry manufacturing companies throughout the world.

We are proud to have the longest running ASME “U” stamp, dating back to the first year ASME began issuing numbered certifications.

Attention to detail and commitment to investing in our customers’ success have shaped who we are today. We believe that expanding our capabilities and investing in state-of-the-art equipment and technology keeps us on the cutting edge and is the best way to give our customers a competitive advantage.

large steel rolling capabilityWe partner with customers to share our specialized expertise in metallurgy and advanced manufacturing concepts to design and fabricate components that range from simple to highly advanced fabrications:

  • Steel supply, material processing, and custom steel fabricating
  • Quality metal fabricating for use in the nuclear industry
  • Design, custom steel fabrication, inspection and repair process equipment for corrosive environments using reactive metals and exotic alloys
  • Leading-edge manufacturing capabilities and composite military armor technologies with an ongoing commitment to research and development

Through our long and successful history, AT&F has built an outstanding corporate reputation by emphasizing a second-to-none commitment to operational excellence.

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