Right On Track: Introducing the Largest Press Brake in North America

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Large Press Brake Forming

Superior infrastructure requires superior technology.  AT&F now offers high-speed railway system manufacturers the largest, most advanced press brake in North America. Our press brake has the power, precision and flexibility you need to develop high-quality transport infrastructures.


  • Hydraulic single ram press
  • Up to 60 feet in length and 2800 metric tons
  • Dimensions:
    •  60 ft (18 m) long
    • Generous throat depth
    • Large daylight opening
    • Wide housings space
  • 16 CNC axis
  • Front and rear CNC gauging


  • Long-forming structural components
  • Very tight tolerances across very long lengths
  • Consistent, repeatable process allowing for streamlined component designs
  • Programmable system allows adjustable stroke and ram speed for process optimization
  • Single ram press eliminates multiple housings and maximizes extensive throat depth

AT&F has a long history of unsurpassed capacity, proven quality and vast experience in large press brake forming.

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AT&F Has the Longest-Running ASME “U” Stamp

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CLEVELAND, OH–(Marketwire – March 28, 2011) – The American Tank & Fabricating Company (AT&F) is a proven leader in the Pressure Vessel Industry. The company has the longest-running “U” Stamp and many years of experience serving the marketplace with reliable quality tanks, vessels and metal components. ASME “U” Stamp Number 14 was awarded to AT&F the first year the ASME began issuing numbered stamp certifications. Stamp numbers1 through 13 are no longer active. This is quite a distinction as ASME recently issued stamp number 40,494.
U Stamp

AT&F Has the Longest-Running ASME “U” Stamp

AT&F continues a long-running commitment to quality and has added a full complement of nuclear capabilities: ASME “N,” “NA,” “NS,” “NPT,” and “N3” stamps.

In response to needs for safety and quality standards during the industrial revolution in the United States over a century ago, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) was created. ASME developed the Boiler and Pressure Vessel (BPV) Code, the international gold standard governing the design, fabrication, and inspection of boilers and pressure vessels, and nuclear power plant components during construction. Since 1941 the certification for pressure vessels is symbolized by the “U” Stamp to indicate that the vessel has been fabricated in accordance with the ASME Section VIII Division 1 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. As holder of “U” Stamp Number 14, AT&F has the longest history of certified pressure vessel production of the 5,089 “U” Stamps currently in use.

“Our ‘U’ Stamp Number 14 is not just a certification to us. It’s a symbol of the dedication to excellence from our beginnings, our perseverance, and our ongoing commitment to being the best steel solutions provider in the world,” says Michael Ripich, President. “Our roots are deep, and from that, our branches are widening.”

“Excellence is not a stopping point,” says Ripich. “We continuously look to stay at the forefront of service to our customers and the industries they serve.” AT&F Steel now has the largest plate rolling capability (12in x 20ft) (300MM x 6M) and longest single press brake (59ft) (18M), as well as the largest Hybrid Laser welding system (20ft x 60ft) (6M x 18M). Ripich concludes, “We prefer to say ‘longest running,’ because we do not feel at all old and we do not plan on stopping.”

Today, AT&F is a dynamic corporation known as the go-to for metal fabrication services. AT&F is a steel processing service center and provider of materials, fabricating, component manufacturing and assemblies. Through its divisions and brands, AT&F has built an outstanding corporate reputation delivering custom steel manufacturing solutions to a broad range of industries throughout the world.

AMTANK Armor Highlights Blast-Protection Technology at AUSA 2011

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – February 16, 2011 – AMTANK Armor is dedicated to meeting the US Army’s mandate of “Institutional Adaptation” with its protective building systems and will exhibit the technology at AUSA’s ILW Winter Symposium & Exposition in Fort Lauderdale, February 23rd through 25th (Booth #2600).

AMTANK Armor Booth #2600

Visit AMTANK Armor Booth #2600 at AUSA ILW Winter Symposium and Exposition

In response to the military’s need for versatile and fast response to changing threats, AMTANK Armor adapted its patented Steel Composite Technology (SC) for use in structural panels for semi-mobile protective structures. The panels can be adapted for specific protection requirements and offer superior blast and ballistic defense. The structures provide quick set-up, modular versatility and minimal logistics.

These re-useable structures can be configured as operation and command centers, barracks, storage or perimeter protection, and can be equipped with fully self-contained power, HVAC and water, as needed. They are designed to combat blast and ballistic as well as chemical, fire and environmental threats. To be responsive in a competitive security environment, these adaptive structures will be vital.

“AMTANK Armor was developed to offer both lightweight composite protection for the vehicle market and Steel Composite protection for semi-mobile and non-mobile structures. Our SC product offers occupants a significant level of blast and ballistic protection. This product is manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio, and can be easily attached to the interior or exterior of a structure utilizing our patented ballistic bolts,” states Ken Ripich, Executive Vice President.
AMTANK Armor is a joint venture, between AT&F and Composhield A/S, which focuses on the design and manufacture of armor materials for vehicles and structures. Through its divisions and brands, AT&F has built an outstanding corporate reputation providing custom steel manufacturing solutions to industries throughout the world. AT&F began operating as a steel fabrication company in 1940. Quality and innovation have fueled its growth and helped to define the manufacturing group it is today.

AT&F Steel Offers Enhanced Precision Contour Beveling

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Enhanced Contour Beveling - AT&F Steel

CLEVELAND, Dec. 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — AT&F Steel ( announces the addition of a third state-of-the-art robot cutting system to their extensive capabilities. The advanced contour beveling system cuts multiple bevel profiles, straight or shaped, in a single operation. A recognized leader in steel processing, AT&F Steel continuously expands its capabilities to meet the needs of its growing customer base.

The programmable robotic torch and hi-tech laser guided camera system allow extensive geometries to be cut including X, Y, V and K bevel profiles from 0 to 60 degrees while boasting finished tolerances of +/- ½ degree and +/- 1/32” (1 mm) on the final dimensions. Combining those quality benefits with blistering cutting speeds up to 300 inches (762 cm) per minute provides significant cost-saving opportunities for customers. The 13 feet x 50 feet (4 M x 15.2 M) cutting table can handle non-ferrous metals up to three inches (80 mm) thick and can be configured to use plasma and oxy-fuel.

“The equipment is state-of-the-art,” says Michael Ripich, AT&F President. “The laser guided eye ensures great bevel quality every time. Moreover, this technology is a great deal faster and more accurate than traditional beveling methods, as well as safer.”

Most importantly, however, the process has broad benefits for customers. The system eliminates down-stream operations like grinding, machining, and handling. Using precisely cut beveled parts minimizes fit-up and reduces welding time, lowering over-all manufacturing costs.

“At the end of the day, our decision to invest in new equipment capabilities is fueled by our desire to provide products and services to our customers,” says Ken Ripich, AT&F Executive Vice President.  “Our ability to provide weld-ready contoured bevels without having to machine or grind them saves both time and money throughout the manufacturing process, a savings we pass through to our customers.”

AT&F Steel, a division of AT&F (American Tank and Fabricating, Co.) of Cleveland, Ohio, has long been an innovator in the steel processing and custom manufacturing industry. Specializing in manufacturing services, AT&F Steel is a steel service center and provider of materials, fabricating, component manufacturing and assemblies. Through their divisions and brands they provide custom steel manufacturing solutions to industrial manufacturing companies throughout the world. Following an increased demand for metal fabricating in the United States, the company has developed unique services while building an outstanding corporate image.  For more details, visit or read our AT&F capabilities ebook.

Largest Steel Plate Rolling Capabilities in the World

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Largest Roll in North America at AT&F in Cleveland Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio – December 15, 2010 – A world-leader in forming and rolling heavy-wall cylinders and rings to long lengths, AT&F Steel ( can now go further.  The Cleveland-based manufacturer, a division of AT&F, is unveiling massive new rolling capabilities to roll plates up to 12” (300MM) thick and 14’ (4.3M) long in single-piece construction.

AT&F Steel’s multi-million dollar expansion of plate rolling capabilities is in response to the increased demand for heavy fabricating in the United States.  In addition to the greater thickness and length capacity of the machine, the roll will form cylindrical components to diameters as large as required.

“One of the key areas that has remained consistent since our company was founded in 1940 is our commitment to investing in the largest state-of-the-art equipment available in the marketplace.  By installing these 14’ heavy capacity rolls, we have the ability to roll thicker, longer sections than previously possible for our customer.  This will result in significant life cycle cost savings by eliminating weld seams and other operations.  We can also replace large forgings and castings with high quality, tight tolerance fabrications,” states Ken Ripich, Executive Vice President.

Continually developing unique services to assist OEMs and fabricators, AT&F Steel provides component parts and fabrications to a wide range of industries.

Ripich continues, “Many of our clients, including those in the mining, oil and gas, nuclear, and fossil fuel energy sectors, require large scale fabrications. By installing the largest rolls in the world, coupled with our experienced craftsmen and passion for high quality products, we are realizing our goal of being the “go to” fabricator for heavy rolling requirements worldwide.”  AT&F Steel’s massive tonnage equipment for custom shaping and fabricating medium to heavy, long parts and components is one facet of its comprehensive manufacturing facility.

AT&F Steel’s service center offers prime materials direct from the mill, and its burning center boasts large tables with full plate capabilities for precision laser, plasma, flame cutting and contour beveling.  The forming experts at AT&F Steel specialize in cylinders, rings, cones, segments, angles and custom shapes in medium to heavy walls, long lengths, small and large diameters.  A complete range of welding processes, all in accordance with the appropriate industry specifications, meets any customer requirement.  In-house non-destructive testing, heat-treating and shot-blasting are a few of the many other services available.

AT&F (American Tank and Fabricating, began operating as a steel fabrication company in 1940. Pride and attention to detail have inspired its growth and helped to define the manufacturer it is today – AT&F Steel.  Through its divisions and brands AT&F has built an outstanding corporate reputation providing custom steel manufacturing solutions to industrial manufacturing companies throughout the world. Today, AT&F celebrates its fourth generation of family leadership and remains a privately held corporation.  AT&F is committed to the values behind “green manufacturing.”

CONTACT: Kevin Cantrell
Vice President-Business Development

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AT&F Shows Solutions for Energy Industry at Power Gen 2010

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CLEVELAND, OhioDecember 10, 2010 AT&F ( will be exhibiting its extensive contributions to the future of the power generation industry at Power Gen 2010, December 14 -16 in Orlando, FL.  AT&F’s manufacturing divisions, AT&F Steel, AT&F Nuclear and AT&F Advanced Metals, as well as AMTANK Armor, will be present to highlight their individual expert services at Booth 1765.  From reactors for cellulosic ethanol processing to wind turbines, pressure vessels, nuclear fabrications and beyond, AT&F is an integral partner in the energy industry.

AT&F Steel specializes in medium-to-heavy fabrications including power boilers, steam and mud drums, turbines and heat exchangers as well as components for petroleum refineries.  Renewable energy is at the forefront of industry technology, and AT&F Steel is there providing wind turbines, wind towers, solar, tides and geothermal components.

AT&F Nuclear provides a complete range of nuclear fabrications.  With full nuclear certifications, it manufactures reactor internals, containment and shielding parts, heat exchangers and piping systems, pressure vessels and tanks, structural supports and lifting rigs.  From components to complex build-to-print fabrications, AT&F Nuclear has the expertise to meet the industry’s needs.

AT&F Advanced Metals, LLC is dedicated to the design, fabrication, inspection and repair of process equipment using advanced and exotic metals.  AT&F Advanced Metals will be displaying its latest innovative achievement – the Bench Scale Reactor System for Cellulosic Ethanol Processing.  Developed with AdvanceBio of Cincinnati, this portable unit simplifies the pre-treatment of cellulosic biomass for ethanol and renewable chemicals.  AT&F Advanced Metals produces lab and commercial scale processing equipment for biomass processing, as well as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping systems and custom fabrications.

AMTANK Armor will be showcasing its patented Steel Composite Technology in semi-mobile panels.  These re-useable structures can be configured to provide security posts or protective storage and transport of valuable equipment with minimum logistics.  AMTANK Armor focuses on the design and manufacture of armor materials to protect against blast, ballistic and other hostile actions.

AT&F (American Tank and Fabricating Company) began operating as a steel fabrication company in 1940. Pride and attention to detail have inspired its growth and helped to define the manufacturing group it is today.  Through its divisions and brands, AT&F has built an outstanding corporate reputation providing custom steel manufacturing solutions to industrial manufacturing companies throughout the world.  AT&F is committed to the values behind “green manufacturing.”

ANS Nuclear News Company Profile

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AT&F Nuclear, Inc is featured in the August 2010 issue of Nuclear News, a publication of the American Nuclear Society.  This issues is the 16th Annual Vendor/ Contractor Profile Issue and we are proud to be featured on page 85.

The profile showcases AT&F Nuclear, and the family of companies held by AT&F as the vendor of choice for qualified nuclear materials and components.

Read the full profile as published.

ANS Nuclear News August 2010 Company Profile - ATF Nuclear

AT&F Nuclear, Inc. Company Profile as published in ANS Nuclear News August 2010

Bridging the Gap in Orthotropic Deck and Bridge Components

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Today’s bridge deck designers and structural fabricators are increasingly opting for orthotropic bridge decks because they allow creating stronger, lighter deck assemblies. AT&F Steel delivers custom fabricated products for a growing array of components for deck sections, including V-shaped rib sections, I-beams, and T-beams. We also supply a variety of other structural components, such as caissons and cofferdams for bridge pier construction.

But why choose AT&F Steel?

  • We’ll save you time, money, and weight. We deliver the components you need to design and build lighter, higher-strength, more complete fabricated structural sections.
  • We can custom fabricate a structural component to match your design’s requirements exactly.
    • You can specify the steel chemistry your design requires, whether it’s high-strength carbon steel, stainless steel, or something more exotic.
    • Our press brake forming capabilities let us create the steel shapes your design demands quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively—from ¼-inch to 13 inches thick and up to 50 feet long.
    • Our high precision laser cutting equipment lets us adhere to tight cutting tolerances.
    • Our professional engineering staff will ensure the accuracy of your components.
  • We offer a range of additional services; download our Capabilities data sheet for details.
  • We’re ready to help. Contact us to start a conversation on how we can help you build lighter, stronger, more complete bridge decks and other components.

Bridging the Gap in Orthotropic Deck and Structural Components.

Learn more about AT&F Steel and AT&F co.

AT&F Is Your Nuclear Metals Service Center

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For qualified nuclear materials needs, AT&F Nuclear is the proven source. The market relies on us for everything from replacement parts to finished nuclear fabrications for new builds.


AT&F Nuclear specializes in nuclear material supply and upgrade services as a material organization.  We hold seven ASME quality stamps, including the oldest “U” stamp in existence.



AT&F Nuclear is a fully-owened subsidary of AT&F Co.