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AT&F Marine bring the naval and commercial shipbuilding industry a rich blend of fabricating expertise.

Our location in Charleston SC, AT&F Marine, consolidates our expertise and experience in shipbuilding. AT&F has served US Naval shipbuilding for 30 years and continues to do so through our Cleveland facilities. AT&F Marine has a commercially focused management team with experience in commercial ship repair and conversions, vessel management and large scale new built commissioning projects worldwide.

Our unique manufacturing and processing capabilities offers the commercial maritime industry a variety of high quality products and solid services. In addition to forming and processing of all gauges of steel at high tolerances for components including:Scrubbers

  • Bow thruster tunnels
  • Propulsion, machinery and deck equipment foundations
  • Sea chests
  • Large pressure vessels

AT&F manufactures components and systems out of specialty alloys, to name a few:

  • Exhaust gas scrubber towersatfMarine Gas Scrubber 2
  • Cryogenic system components
  • Heat exchangers
  • Manifolds and chemical handling systems
  • LNG tanks

Through access to a network of high quality contractors, shipyards and marine engineering and architectural resources, we service our customers with a variety of services ranging from one off components to production line manufacturing including “turnkey” installation of our manufactured components or systems.

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2120 Noisette Blvd, Suite 121
North Charleston, SC 29405

p 843-212-3122

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