AT&F Infrastructure

Exacting Design for Infrastructure Components


Whether spanning the sky or a valley, towers and bridges built today call for lighter, higher-strength, more complete fabricated structural sections. For your next infrastructure project, AT&F can provide steel structure fabrication services for components you need to exactly match your design requirements.

You can specify the steel chemistry your design requires, whether it’s high-strength carbon steel, stainless steel, or something more exotic.

Our press brake forming capabilities let us create the steel shapes your design demands quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively and are second-to-none.

Our high precision laser cutting equipment lets us adhere to tight cutting tolerances. And our professional engineering staff will ensure the accuracy of your components.

AT&F delivers custom steel structure fabrication for a growing array of components for deck sections, including V-shaped rib sections, I-beams, and T-beams. We also supply a variety of other structural components for steel bridge fabrication, such as caissons and cofferdams for bridge pier construction.


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