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A Trusted Partner in the Nuclear-Build Market

AT&F is proud to be the trusted first-choice quality material provider to the
nuclear market. We provide a complete range of nuclear fabrications including: nuclear metals, reactor internals, containment components, pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchanges, piping systems, wet storage racks, spent fuel containers, structural supports and lifting rigs. Our nuclear certifications include: ASME, U, S, and NQA-1, allowing the company to provide both safety related and not related to safety parts, components and fabrications.

We have a unique combination of metallurgical expertise, nuclear steel fabrication experience, material-sourcing and deep industry contacts.

Dedicated Facility

Nowhere is our commitment to the nuclear market better expressed than through our facility dedicated to the production of nuclear components in a clean environment.

The recently completed 32,000-square-foot nuclear building is one of the first 100-ton crane capacity structures built in the United States in decades. Also, the facility is one of about 200 global operations with nuclear certification stamps from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


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