Military Vehicle Armor

Ballistic and Bulletproof Armor

AMTANK Armor, LLC is proud to offer extensive manufacturing capabilities and validated lightweight armor technology to OEMs, Tier I and Tier II suppliers. Our mission is to provide systems to our customers for protection of personnel against ballistic impacts and other hostile actions. Our products are optimized in collaboration with our customers to meet their specific requirements. The engineering Center of Excellence performs independent research and development to stay on the leading edge  of survivability systems technology.

Metallic Vehicle Armor Processing and Fabrication Capabilities

military vehicle armorOur high-demand manufacturing capabilities support top-priority national defense programs. We work directly with our customers to ensure they receive the precise, superior custom product they deserve.

Highlighted features among our wide range of capabilities include:

  • Long bed laser cutting, shearing and forming that meet the most precise tolerances
  • Plasma Burning and Contour Beveling for custom shapes
  • Rolling and Welding the heaviest, longest and hardest steel plate
  • Large laser, plasma and flame-cutting tables with full parent plate capabilities

Ceramic Polymer Technology for Lightweight Military Vehicle Armor Solutions

military vehicle armor - defense ceramic polymerCeramic Polymer Technology provides critical lightweight armor material solutions which, when used, won’t reduce the operational performance of combat, tactical, and support vehicles, MRAP, ASV, LAV, JLTV, HET, PLS, MATV and HEMITT are examples of vehicle platforms that can benefit from our Ceramic Polymer Technology.

Steel Composite Ballistic Armor Technology

military vehicle armor - defense steel compositeSteel Composite Armor Technology is designed to meet specific customer protection requirements and offers superior ballistic and blast solutions for containers and other semi-mobile structures, such as guard houses, portable vaults, barracks, barriers, guns and medical facilities.



Read more about our light weight composite survivability solutions.

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