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Realistic Job Preview

Our Purpose: To Build Protect Energize and Move The World

We contribute to the world through METAL FABRICATION. We are working across our enterprise to bring aboard passion and talent as we continue to push the limits of SCOPE, SCALE and PRECISION. We perform the work that others cannot, or will not, attempt. Bold purpose requires bold people. 80 plus years of building and sharing knowledge, amassing the largest equipment, the dedication of those that did it and those that are doing it, has together brought us here. We need to go further.

Michael Forde Ripich

President and CEO


Our work and how we perform is not for everyone. Our Team Members possess individual drive and a passion to share that is uncommon. To find out more, keep grinding.

Our Core Values

Work Hard

Do What You Say You’ll Do

Take Care of Each Other

Quietly Lead


Run To It