Heavy Machining

heavy machining

AT&F’s commitment “We Invest In Customer Success” is illustrated by its investment in large-scale machining equipment. The CNC horizontal boring mill on AT&F’s campus in Cleveland provides AT&F customers access to critical functions of heavy machining – milling, boring, drilling, and threading (40′ X-axis x 14′ Y-axis x 6′ Z-axis). AT&F also offers its stainless steel, carbon, and alloy material fabrication customers a new vertical boring mill that features a 360-degree rotary table with a diameter of more than 16 feet and a load capacity of 160 tons. Capabilities include a 30-foot swing and more than 8 feet of ram travel.

The boring mills are housed alongside colossal plate rolls and press brakes in a facility that has 100-ton lift capacity, 25′ doors and rail siding access.  By offering capital investments in heavy machining, AT&F can fabricate parts from start to finish, allowing customers to reap the efficiency gains of custom fabricating, high-precision machining and shipping components all from one location.


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