Plate Blasting


Product performance depends not only on fabrication quality but also on subsequent heat-treating and plate blasting. AT&F offers you the full range of processes needed to achieve the strict product properties and characteristics that you specify.

Plate Blasting

Investing in customer success, AT&F has installed one of the largest plate blasting machines in the world. The machine boasts state-of-the-art speed and surface improvements. The machine easily handles plate or parts up to seven inches thick, 12 feet wide, and lengths up to 60 feet. This addition to the other unique equipment capabilities AT&F brings to the marketplace creates a competitive advantage for the company and customers.


Our modern, precision, program-controllable furnaces have been certified for Military, ASME, and commercial applications. Their large capacities can handle most product sizes while maintaining consistent heat treatment over wide temperature ranges.

Personal Service

To make certain that our commitment to high-quality and timely delivery is maintained, a Project Engineer will manage your project from beginning to completion. He can answer all your questions and recommend solutions to any needs you have in fabricating or steel processing.

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