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Automation in Metal Fabrication

Automation in Metal Fabrication

With constant advancements in technology and rising competition across industries, the world of metal fabrication is becoming more and more automated. Shifting from manual to automated processes can present much opportunity for large gains in both efficiency and productivity, while lending a competitive advantage. Before adopting these systems, however, it is important to understand all facets of automated technology and determine if it’s an investment worth making.


There are many advantages to utilizing automated equipment in manufacturing and fabricating operations. With Robot Armprogrammable repetition of tasks, the speed and accuracy of an automated machine can certainly be greater compared to the performance of a human alone. This capability is significant in industries such as Aerospace and Defense, where there is no margin for error and a high demand for on-time deliveries of large production volumes. Another benefit of automation is having the machines perform dangerous tasks, which prevents work-related injury and creates an overall safer environment.


Even with a wide range of benefits in automation, everything has its limitations. Although this type of machinery increases repeatability of tasks, this can be a disadvantage due to lack of humanlike flexibility when performing a variety of jobs. There are also two important costs to consider: the significant upfront investment of the machine and unpredictable costs related to research, operations training, and maintenance.

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AT&F balances the best of both worlds. We have experienced craftsman with the knowledge and expertise required to handle the challenging manual processes involved in automated technology. Our team members are highly skilled in programming and getting the most out of automated processes. Whether it is CNC cutting, CNC Machining, Robotic Beveling, or Robotic Welding, AT&F leverages both experience and technological investments to bring customers products manufactured to the highest standards available in the industry.

AT&F's core focus is to Build, Protect, Energize, and Move the World through metal fabrication. Contact us today about your next fabrication project.

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