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Bring the Heat

Our massive furnaces are certified for military, ASME and commercial applications, and are capable of heat treating steel for shaping, annealing and normalizing parts.

ATF Rollupgrade 800X600

Improve Metal Strength and Durability

Heat treating is the proven method used to increase material strength, improve durability, restore ductility and maximize service life of your metal parts. The large, programmable furnaces used at AT&F are capable of handling most product sizes while providing consistent heat treatment over a wide temperature range. Our largest furnace is 144" H x 168" W x 360" L (366cm H x 427cm W x 914cm L) and temperatures can be held between 800°F and 1800°F (427°C and 982°C) for extended amounts of time. 

Protection From Environmental Stressors

Get the most out of your materials by heat treating them for added structural integrity and performance. Our team members rely on advanced metrology tactics for achieving uniform quality assurance. Parts manufactured for use in industries such as food processing, defense, oil and gas or mining often are under attack from environmental factors that can weaken them. Heat treating steel and other materials helps to mitigate that onslaught of stressors for a longer lasting, more durable part.

Heat Treating 800X600