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3-axis Horizontal Boring Mill

ATF Horizboringmachine.Hr 800X600

Horizontal Boring Mill- 3-axis

The horizontal boring mill 3-axis on AT&F’s campus in Cleveland provides AT&F customers access to all functions of machining – milling, boring, drilling, and threading. AT&F’s commitment “We Invest In Customer Success™” is illustrated by its turnkey manufacturing services.

HBM 3-axis Specifications

Axis Travel

  • X-axis 40 ft (12M)
  • Y-axis 14 ft (4M)
  • Z-axis 6 ft (2M)

Machine Specs

  • 75HP Spindle Drive
  • 2000 RPM Max
  • 500 lbs Torque
  • Quill Dia. 15.75" (40cm)

Machine Beds

  • Indexing Table 12 ft x 12 ft (4M x 4M)
  • Floor Table 26 ft x 16 ft (8M x 5M)

CAD/Programming System

  • Fanuc and Fagor CNC controllers
  • Mastercam X7
  • Autodesk Inventor 2016