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Laser Welding/Laser Cutting

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Laser Welding/Laser Cutting

Laser Beam Welding, or LBW, is a welding technology that has many benefits to offer over traditional welding methods. AT&F’s 6kW Fiber Laser Beam Welding cell can be programmed to weld with or without cold wire feed with a working envelope of 10ft x 75ft  (3.05m x 22.86m). Profiles can also be cut by utilizing the 6k Fiber Laser Cutter mounted on the same gantry. This allows for single set up and therefore reduces cost by eliminating unnecessary handling.

Weld Characteristics

  • Flat bead appearance
  • Minimal weld splatter
  • Small heat affected zone
  • Decreased base metal dilution
  • Narrow bead width

Process Characteristics

  • Minimal consumable costs
  • Lower joint preparation cost
  • Full penetration welds from one side
  • Proven to weld common materials as well as precious and dissimilar metals
  • Cold Wire Feed can improve joint tolerances and add alloying elements

Laser Beam Welding vs Traditional Welding

  • Deeper penetration
  • Increased welding travel speeds
  • Lower heat input
  • Cleaner welds
  • Minimal distortion and shrinkage
  • Reduces or eliminates filler metal consumption