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Who We Are

The AT&F Core Values


Work hard

There’s no room for slacking in an industry where every micrometer matters and safety is paramount. We take on each day with gusto and grit.

Chat (1)

Do what we say we will do

Our promise to customers is that there are no surprises. What we say is what we mean, and we do what it takes to get it done.

Hands (1)

Take care of each other

Banding together makes for a stronger team, which makes for a better environment, and ultimately, better results for our customers. We care about each other as individuals as well as a company, and we make sure each person is treated with respect, dignity and kindness.

Lead (1)

Quietly lead

Boasting is not in our blood. We lead by example and by the quality we produce, without unnecessary fluff and pomp.

Invest (2)


If you only do what you’ve always done, you’ll only be where you’ve always been. We take pride in investing in new technologies, processes, equipment, people and innovations to remain the best we can be in a changing world.

Run2 (1)

Run to it

Challenges do not deter us; we welcome them. We believe if there is a way something can be done, we’ll find it, and we’ll do it with enthusiasm.