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We bridge the gap

Our components are fabricated to meet the highest quality standards of massive infrastructure projects.

Formed Girders

Modern Marvels

Getting from point A to point B would be impossible without high quality infrastructure. Today’s bridges and towers require high strength and light weight for optimal performance with fewer segments. AT&F has the capability to produce even the largest components to exactly match your design requirements. We are approved for many states’ Departments of Transportation (DOTs) to build bridges and railway system components, and our professional on-staff engineers ensure our infrastructure components are strong, safe, and cost effective.

As bridges, railway systems and other infrastructure components advance in technology, new materials meet the needs of today’s world. With AT&F, you can specify the steel chemistry your design requires, whether it's high-strength carbon steel, stainless steel, or something more exotic. We deliver custom steel structure fabrication for an array of components including:

  • V-shaped rib sections
  • Tub girders
  • I-beams
  • T-beams
  • Caissons
  • Cofferdams
Underside Of M 14 Bridge Over The Huron River, Ann Arbor Michigan

AT&F Provides Steel Plate Girder System for Bridge in Pennsylvania