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We Run a Tight Ship

AT&F assists with the construction of ship components and equipment for a smooth sailing experience. 


All Hands on Deck

Our partnerships with a vast network of reliable contractors, shipyards and marine engineering and architectural resources allows us to provide services ranging from one-off components to production line manufacturing options with turnkey installation solutions. We use specialty alloys to manufacture components, equipment and systems.

Strong Components Make Strong Vessels

Whether you’re carrying our nation’s sailors to port or shipping commercial goods over international waters, the integrity of the vessel down to the last detail is top priority. We are capable of managing complex projects with a focus on efficiency and risk management, forming and processing all gauges of steel for components such as:

  • Corrugated bulkheads
  • Bow thruster tunnels
  • Exhaust gas scrubber towers
  • Systems with cryogenic specifications to -320 degrees F
  • Heat exchangers
  • Chemical handling systems
  • Combings and Manways
  • T-sections