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Keep it on track

AT&F offers high-speed railway system manufacturers some of the most sophisticated machine technology in North America. Our press brakes and cutting tables have the power, precision, and flexibility you need to develop the world’s fastest railway infrastructures.


We are well trained

You’ve got a lot on your plate and don’t have time for mistakes, faulty components or suppliers with excuses. Our fabrications are built to last, and our capabilities are unmatched thanks to the size of our machines and the capacity of our facilities. We specialize in manufacturing a wide variety of railcar equipment components, including:

  • Coal Hopper Cars Components
  • Drop Deck Car Components
  • Center Beam Car Components
  • Fuel Tank for Locomotives

We Get it Done

No matter the task, we’re up for it. Our facility houses one of the largest press brakes in North America, and our certified team of experts have years of experience supporting OEMs with the highest quality components. Our unique heavy steel processing supports the production of railcars and bridges utilized by the construction industry, and our products are subjected to on-site testing for quality assurance.